Inner Melbourne Heritage Supersite

Fitzroys is delighted to offer a leasehold interest in this exceptional heritage property on behalf of Working Heritage.


Jack's Magazine is one of Victoria's most intriguing heritage places – extending over 12 hectares on the Maribyrnong River in the suburb of Maribyrnong.

Working Heritage now seeks Registrations of Interest from potential occupants to lease all or part of this unique site with a view to:

  • entering into discussions with selected registrants regarding their interest in the site with a view to progressing lease negotiations
  • master planning a future outcome
  • seeking required approvals for future use and development
  • undertaking site preparatory work required to enable implementation of the master plan.

Registrations of Interest are to be submitted to Fitzroys on or before 5pm Friday 15 December 2017.


Largely constructed between 1875 and 1878, the bluestone gunpowder magazine buildings, tramways, tunnels, earth blast mounds and canal on the banks of the Maribyrnong River, showcase Victoria's industrial and military past.

It had a continuous role in the storage of explosives and ammunitions throughout the 20th century. The site was decommissioned in the early 1990s and lay dormant until Working Heritage assumed management. Working Heritage is now seeking Registrations of Interest from those interested in being part of the future of this remarkable place.

The Place & Location

Jack's Magazine has an exceptional location on the Maribyrnong River in the suburb of Maribyrnong – just over 5 kilometres from Melbourne CBD.

A range of buildings of varying size and character are spaced around a site that has unique features such as tunnels and earth mounds and is surrounded by parkland. The inner-west of Melbourne has many notable landmarks and has been the focus of significant development in recent years. The west of Melbourne has the fastest growing population in Australia.

Key Features of Area

Key features of the area around Jack's Magazine include: Edgewater residential estate, Highpoint (one of Melbourne's super regional shopping centres), Footscray Town Centre, Victoria University (1.5 km south of the site), Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne and Parklands and recreational facilities at Pipemakers Park, Thompson Reserve and a range of open space on both sides of the river.

The Buildings

The Jack's Magazine site consists of 13 historical buildings constructed between 1875 – 1921 for the storage of explosives and ammunition. They vary from the timber frame loading dock that overlooks the canal to the cavernous bluestone gunpowder stores.

Potential Uses

Working Heritage has no pre-conceptions about the best use of the property. It is unique and has the potential for many different activities including but not limited to retail, education, tourism, hospitality, creative industries and accommodation. Working Heritage will consider the ability of a proposed use to contribute to the financial sustainability of the site alongside other criteria such as community benefit.





Creative Industries


Working Heritage welcomes proposals that respond to the heritage character of the site but is open to change, adaptation and new development. Two precincts with development potential have been identified.

Register & Contact

Registrations of Interest are to be submitted to Fitzroys on or before 5pm Friday 15 December 2017.

For further information or to arrange an inspection contact Fitzroys:

Rick Berry
0407 329 687

Tom Fisher
0417 980 824

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